Pocket Power - The Book

Learn how to turn your Pockets into Lethal Weapons! As a bonus - you will finally understand what Misdirection is all about, and how it can make your magic shows better.

This book deals with your pockets, and how to use them for switches, ditches, steals etc. A whole chapter on stealing from your pockets. There are seven original routines with cards, toilet paper, eggs, newspapers, Coca Cola cans and more.

The extra bonus section Good enough for TV deals with this medium and its people, and teaches how to make your magic good enough to be shown on TV. If your magic is good enough for TV, it's good enough anywhere!

Learn about drama, choreographic misdirection, confidence and video evaluation.

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I rate this book and video set a must-have!

Steven Schneiderman, Rants & Riffs 

Pocket Power is fabulous. It changed my magic. I look forward to future works.

Jon Dorbolo, U.S.A.

"The routines are uniformly excellent." "Choreographic Misdirection is a really excellent section" "This is an excellent book from a thinking magician... ...I very much recommend it!"

Michael Close, Magic Magazine

"I'm afraid I was a little rude after dinner, because I was so absorbed by this book." "The book is very good looking. The cover and inside lay-out are great."

Mac King, U.S.A.

"...an excellent no-gimmick bill switch and an excellent newspaper tear...a very strong effect for laymen." "Highly recommended!"

Phil Willmarth, Linking Ring

"This is the kind of magic I like. Everything is very direct and efficient." "Definitely a must for anyone appearing on television or wanting to appear on television." "I recommend it highly! It is also very nicely produced."

John Carney, U.S.A.

"I have learned a few things here! The little details you describe make all the difference." "What you say on magic for TV, contains ideas which are just as important for those who never appear on TV."

Tommy Wonder, Holland

"The chapter about stealing is truly outstanding." "...an excellent but brief three pages concerning misdirection, and a variety of practical advice."

Jamy Ian Swiss, Genii

"An excellent collection of different techniques for switching, ditching and stealing. The illustrations are clear and the explanations are superb." "An excellent book which I warmly recommend!"

Lennart Green, Sweden

"Your misdirection makes the palming in the Norwegian Travelers routine completely undetectable." " The bill switch is the best one I've ever seen."

Toreno, Norway

This is an excellent book, full of good material and advice.

Dave Jones, The Conjuror

"...an excellent Toilet Paper to Egg handling and the Almost Ultimate Newspaper Trick, a superb combination of water-in-newspaper and T&R"

Shaun McGree, ABRA

O vídeo Pocket Power (50 minutos de duração), apresentado pelo jovem mágico norueguês Jarle Leirpoll é muito bom para demonstrar os efeitos que o autor descreveu no livro de 64 páginas que tem o mesmo título. Entre diversos efeitos, Jarle ensina como retirar do próprio sapato uma lata cheia de refrigerante e como "transformar" uma nota de dinheiro em outra sem o uso do conhecido aparato manual. O vídeo e o livro podem ser adquiridos através do site do mágico em:

Mahatma (Philippe Piet van Putten)
Editor Artes Mágicas

I finished to read (not to digest...;-) Pocket Power. It's really a great book! I like Norwegian Travelers - it's a very good piece of magic. I have also finished reading Leading With your Head, and you're right: It's a very good book about misdirection. Thanks for the advice!

Guillaume Singer, France

I should admit now that I am a fan of yours! I have your book Pocket Power, and like it very much. the advice contained within it has help me use moves that otherwise I would have considered too risky. So thanks for that!

Terry Ford

The theoretical parts are sublime! I’ll read them again and again, and study them as well as I can, because that’s very important for me. The Coke In Shoe is a must! Man, I really love that one!!! I don’t think I’ll ever take it out of my repertoire. And the No Gimmick Bill Change is without any question a true gem!
Loved the Stealing chapter. I also must say I laughed (out loud, sometimes…) with your subtle jokes spread in the text. Nice!
Your book as become a reference for my work from now on. I’ll read it again and re-read it, ‘cause I just love it.
Thank you once again for sharing your thoughts, ideas and knowledge trough the book, and for helping me find my way to grow up in magic.

João Peneda, Portugal

Thanks for one of the MUST HAVE books out there!!! I recommend Pocket Power often. It keeps me thinking and focused on the naturalness of it all. Thanks for giving this subject so much time and effort....it shows!
I'm ready for MORE !! Deck switches for sure!

James Colvin Sterling, Va. USA

I have been a big fan of your magic since I saw you at the Blackpool convention a few years ago. I own your Pocket Power book and video which are very wonderful indeed. I also bought your Card in Mousetrap at the Blackpool Convention a couple of weeks ago, which I can't wait to start working on. Your Bill Switch is one of my most popular effects; my audiences are always talking about this effect. So I owe you a big thank you.

Iain Moran, England



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Price: NOK 200.00
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English, French
German or Italian

64 pages

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Toilet Paper to Egg
Coke From Shoe
Card Palming
Norwegian Travelers
Card in Shoe
No Gimmick Bill Switch
The Perfect Out
The Almost Ultimate
Newspaper Trick
Tips and Techniques

Good Enough for TV
Video Evaluation
Magic on TV


Deutche Kunden:

Hier finden Sie die korrekte Zeichnung für den Zeitung Trick. Im Buch wurde er falsch gedruckt.

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