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Long overdue, this book is still not even close to be finished. The last deadline I set for myself was January 2000, but it isn't quite ready yet... But I still believe it has a small chance to be finished some time in the future.

I have constantly been adding material since 1996, so by now it's becoming a great book. This time I will include material from other people as well as my own stuff. Everything will be about pockets of course, and there will be techniques, routines and essays.

As in the original Pocket Power book, I will have many illustrations.

One thing that is absolutely sure is that there will be a whole bunch of Deck Switches in the book. This is by request of a lot of people, due to the current popularity of stacked and marked decks.

If you want to be among the first to know when/if the book is finished, then send me an e-mail 

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Deck Switches
Lots of routines
Lots of techniques
Some Essays

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