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Over the years, I have developed different shows for different occasions - tailoring the shows to my customers needs.

Read more below to find out which show you need for your next event.

Please note that Jarle has taken a break form performances in 2006-2007, to get more time to finish two film projects and two book projects. In 2008 he will be back with more enthusiasm than ever!

Stand-Up Magic Show

For most of my performances, the standard Stand-Up Show is perfect. It can last for 10 to 30 minutes, and is based on a highly entertaining combination of sleight of hand magic and comedy. I don't base my shows on special props, so I don't need much space. If there are more than 100 spectators, I prefer to use a microphone, but other than that, I bring everything I need in a paper shopping bag! 

Walk-around Magic

When it's not possible or desirable to break up the event with a show, Close-Up Magic is the right choice because of it's flexibility. Then I can mingle with the guests and perform small miracles for 1 to 10 people at a time without disturbing the flow of the event. This "Unplugged Magic", and it's very strong, because it happens so close. The spectators participate in the tricks and hold the props in their own hands.

Wake-Up Magic

This is a new concept that I just love to do because it's so effective! Have you ever been to a convention and watched a lecture after lunch? Did you count the amount of people who were half asleep? Many people have great difficulties staying awake at boring lectures, but what can you do about it?

Well, with Wake-Up Magic I can make them all wake up and get ready for learning more! Three to five times during the day I come in and do 4-5 minutes of magic, and people get to applaud and laugh. This makes their system ready for more learning, and I can literally see the results when the short show is over. As if by magic, they're all awake! I have carefully developed the right kind of magic to use - not too short and not too long - and just the right amount of comedy and noise to really wake people up.

Clepto Magic Show

This is my stage show, where all the props are "stolen", free or very, very cheap. The magic wand is a "next customer" rod from a shop. The jacket has a security tag attached to it, and the pen is a "souvenir" from the bank. All the "expensive" props are carried in a paper shopping bag... This act is about 10 minutes long.

To book one of the shows, please contact me by e-mail or phone.


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