The Funken Ring is back!

Unfortunately, the Funken Ring is out of stock, and will not come back.

The Funken Ring is a truly great gag, and it will give you lots of fun. Earlier models were easy to break by accident. Now the new and improved Funken Ring throws a longer spark than before.

Easy to use

The principle of the Funken Ring is very simple. You wind it up, push the trigger, and it shoots sparkles. The ring is there so you can wear it on your finger, but personally I don’t like the ring, so I take it off with a pair of pliers. This makes it much easier to get rid of the Funken Ring after you’ve set it off.
If you don’t want the spectators to know where the sparkles come from, you can throw it into a pocket or a Topit. It’s very natural to withdraw your hand quickly as the sparkles come, and then you can easily ditch the Funken Ring.

Changing the flint

After a few hundred showers of sparkles, the flint will wear out, and you’ll have to replace it. This is very easy to do, and you can get the flints in any shop that sells lighters.


Try the Funken Ring the next time you push the elevator button and watch the reaction of the people around you! Or pretend there’s something wrong with your microphone, and then release the Funken Ring! Pull the cables behind the computer in the computer store and watch the salesman as the sparkles fly! If you’re a man, release it at the urinal, and pretend like nothing has happened... As you can see: Endless possibilities both on stage and in your daily life. I hope you get as much fun out of the Funken Ring as I have!

Funken Ring

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What you get

Funken Ring

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