De Luxe Silk to Egg

A true classic and an audience pleaser from Viking/Haenchen

If you've seen Lance Burton, Michael Ammar or other pro's perform this trick, you know how good it is. But if you haven't... 

Here's the story:

You display a red silk and pack it into your fist. It turns into an egg, and you show both your hands empty. You take out the silk from the pocket, and let them in on the secret: You use two silks and a hollow egg. You now repeat the trick while explaining it all, and when they think they've got it, you take the hole off the egg and break the egg to show it's real!

This gimmick would fool any chicken!

It looks exactly like a real egg, but it's hollow, and lets you put a silk inside it. Made from resin by people who know what an egg should look like.

This silk to egg is the most realistic I've ever seen. I almost ate it. Seriously, it's very strong and built to last.

Nathan Kranzo, USA



Silk to Egg

Sorry, but these eggs are not available from me anymore.

What you get

English explanation
One great looking gimmick
Two 18 inches red silks
Two self adhesive silk spots
A clever routine

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