Rubber Chicken Egg

Sorry for the inconvenience, but these eggs are not available from me anymore. Please contact Dan Ford to buy them directly from him.

These are the best eggs available. I recommend them to all of my Master Class students.

Jeff McBride, Las Vegas

I agree with Jeff. These eggs are simply the best ones available. If you want to make paper grow into a real egg, this gimmick is a must! Real-looking, durable and the growing speed can be adjusted

A piece of paper visually grows into an egg in your hands, on a fan, or in a brandy snifter. A beautiful, magical effect that lay people love to watch, and that you will love to perform!

How do I know this? Because I perform the Toilet Paper to Egg or the Egg on Card Fan in every stand-up and stage show I do! It never fails to get a great audience response.

With the Rubber Chicken Egg you can do the standard Egg on Fan trick, the Toilet Paper to Egg (from the Pocket Power book and video) or the Rose Petal to Egg routine. 

Comedy magicians will want to do the Toilet Paper to Egg.
Other magicians might want to do the Egg on Fan or Egg on Card Fan.
Stage Magicians may rather like the Rose Petal to Egg routine.

This is the perfect egg gimmick for all those routines - it looks 100% like a real egg when it's fully grown. These eggs are not cheap, but they are the best ones available.

The Rubber Chicken Egg has only one entry hole, and is completely white. This means you can have the spectators very, very close. You can decide if you want it to grow quickly or slowly. It will last for hundreds and hundreds of performances, and if it gets dirty, you just wash it with mild soap and water.

Egg Binder

With each egg you get an Egg Binder that keeps the egg folded until you want it to grow. Perfect if you want to let it grow in a glass!

Each Rubber Chicken Egg comes with an Egg Binder and a six page manuscript describing Toilet Paper to Egg, Egg on Card Fan and Rose Petal to Egg.

Recommend this egg to a friend

All I can say is "Wow". The egg is really great. It opens up at just the right rate and most importantly, it opens up consistently, something the Weller Egg did not do for me over time. Thanks again and Im sure I will be ordering more.

David Bajada, USA

The egg is great - it's exactly what I wanted! Thank you, Jarle - your friendliness, knowledge and efficiency made doing business with you a pleasure. You'll certainly hear from me again!



The best egg for Egg on Fan I have ever seen, and I have seen them all. I own two of them and they are great. I might add, by way of practical help, that I have seen all of the eggs for "Egg on Fan" available, and have some of the old Weller eggs, too. The rubber eggs Jarle sells are the best I have ever worked with, and include an extra "something" that makes it all SO much easier.

Eric Henning


I am quite astounded by this egg as it is too realistic to keep in the fridge in case of mistakes!!... It appears to be a winner, even, as Jarle himself points out, in close up! BTW these eggs are far from cheap but I always think that you get what you pay for. Certainly the improvement over the old "fragile" skin is fantastic IMHO, even really close up this IS an egg!

Wallace B.


I bought your chicken egg. I must say, it's a great prop, which I'm using frequently. Great. OK, so now I'd like to order Card in Mousetrap. If it's half as good as the egg it'll still be worth it. BTW: Your service is terrific, you answer your e-mails promptly, and your delivery time is excellent.

Steven Dick


These eggs are really superb. I do feel that these are the finest eggs I have ever seen. I will be ordering more soon. Thanks for everything.

Jeff Lee


I have received some great responses with the egg

Dave Vujevich

I just used your Chicken Egg today for the first time and got a tremendous response. I love it. I will certainly be telling all my friends. You will sell tons of them. I will be ordering a few more in a month or so. It is a great replacement for the Weller. Thanks for the great product! 

John Abrams
(Animal Magician)

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Sorry, but these eggs are not available from me anymore

Please contact Dan Ford to buy them directly from him


What you get

The Rubber Egg and Egg Binder, plus
Routines for
Toilet Paper to Egg,
Egg on Card Fan
and Rose Petal to Egg in  English, German, Spanish, Italian or French
6 page manuscript

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