Eye Exam

From Danny Archer

A fantastic walk-around trick! You show four of a kind and one at a time, the cards turn face down. Next the backs change color from red to blue, then all the backs have eye charts on them!

A really eye-popping climax! 

I use this in all my walk-around gigs, and it's always a hit. Why? Because the magic starts immediately and just goes on and on - all the way to the surprise climax. You will have to work hard not to get applause for this trick!

Did I mention that it instantly resets so you can perform it again for the next group? Well, it does! And the best part is that the moves involved are so easy that anyone can do them with just a minimum of practice.

As a bonus, the trick can also be used as a card revelation. A card is selected and lost in the pack. Magician fails to find the selected card. He offers a magic eye test, and at the finish the bottom line of the eye chart reveals the selected card.

Danny Archer is such a clever fellow. This entertaining packet trick is packed with a lot of surprises. It's very easy to do and to learn, and I believe it'll become one of your favorites.

Bryan Dean, MagicTalk

Eye Exam

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