Pocket Power - the Book

Turn your pockets into lethal weapons! 

Contents of the book

The Toilet Paper to Egg routine is both entertaining and deceptive. A piece of toilet paper is heated with a lighter and visibly changes into an egg. The first switch is bold and the second one is the best ever invented!

The Coke from Shoe is a quickie that lets you produce a can of Coke from your shoe.

The chapter on Card Palming explains Jarle’s three favorite palming methods - the Bottom Palm, the One-Handed Top Palm and the "Pull Up the Sleeves" Bottom Palm - and the cover moves for each palm!

Norwegian Travellers is the cleanest method ever for Dai Vernon’s classic plot. Three signed cards travel invisibly to different pockets, and the fourth one is found in your fly. Your hand is shown empty before each card is produced!

Card in Shoe is an alternative ending for the Travellers routine, but it can also be a stand-alone effect. The card is dumped directly from the shoe into the spectator’s hand, and she opens the folded card herself and finds her signature. A killer! Fools both lay people and magicians.

No Gimmick Bill Change is Jarle’s handling of Mike Koslowski's 100 dollar bill switch or Klause’s Bill Switch. His clever moves render the thumb tip unnecessary!

The Perfect Out is a clean Card to Pocket move.

The chapter on Stealing teaches you the real secrets of stealing from the pockets. Four different methods are explained, in addition to the very natural looking Scooping, Thumb Clip and Straightening of the Jacket techniques.

The Almost Ultimate Newspaper Trick is a combination of the Water in Newspaper and Gene Anderson’s Torn and Restored Newspaper. The torn pieces vanish completely, which lets you give the restored paper to a spectator!

Tips and Techniques is a variety of tips that didn’t fit in any other chapter. Very useful material.

Good Enough for TV is a bonus section about magic and television, explaining how to make your magic good enough for TV. When it’s good enough for TV, it’s good enough for anywhere!

The Drama chapter is an attempt to explain how you can capture and hold the audience’s attention.

Choreographic Misdirection makes use of body language and the eyes to direct the spectator’s eye scan. This kind of misdirection - unlike many other techniques - also works on TV.

Confidence is so important that it has been given its own chapter. Microphone technique is also discussed here.

Video Evaluation shows how to critically evaluate your performances on video.

Magic on TV contains a few tips on what to do and what to be aware of when you appear on TV.

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