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As a camera-operator by day-job, he has a unique knowledge of movement planning which can lead the watcher right down the garden path and make the most obvious steals and switches invisible. I got my money and time's worth out of his lecture in the first ten minutes! Wow!
The more I think about his lecture, the more turned on I get. Kind of like one of those champion chili recipes \par that start out mild, but then leave your mouth burning, only this time it's my mind that's on fire.

Jim Fish
San Francisco Conjurers

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Great usability - particularly the bill switch handling, the general pocket work and the travelers. A wonderful lecture from a very charming person. A real up-and-comer! Would recommend him unhesitantly.

George Silverman
SAM Parent Assembly, New York, 1996

Jarle heats a piece of toilet paper and it visibly changes into a real egg. The misdirection for the switch is so good that even those who know the principle are likely to be fooled. The Almost Ultimate Newspaper Tear is a combination of Absorbing News and the T&R newspaper. He doesn't use a plastic bag, and you can give away the newspaper at the end! A very informative lecture with clever routines based on techniques and finesse that can be used in a variety of situations.

Magic Circle of Norway

The technique that was shown in the Bill Switch was nothing but extraordinary! The Toilet Paper to Egg routine required some misdirection, a technique that Jarle has developed into an art form. The Newspaper trick was extraordinarily well performed, and a long and well deserved applause brought the evening to an end.

Rolf K. Johansson
Moderna Illusjonisters Cirkel, Sweden

Nice lecture here in Finland. I'm that guy who asked you to perform the Egg on Card Fan trick. The newspaper trick was really very, very good. It is very good and a genius method to use the shoe to produce stuff. That latex egg is much better than the gorgonzola egg, because it doesn't have to dry before use. And the gorgonzola egg smells too. It was GREAT lecture!!!!!!!!

Aaro Sorva, Finland

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