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Let me help you make your convention memorable

I have
lectured and performed at conventions like Hank Lee's Cape Cod Conclave, The Magic Hands Convention, The Blackpool Convention, Portugal's National Convention, Ron MacMillan's International Magic Convention, Scandinavian Magic's Convention, Pegani's Junior Magic Convention etc. etc. I have also performed twice, and lectured at The Magic Castle, Hollywood.

Planning a convention means a lot of hard work. You need lecturers, dealers and performers for the shows. I can help you with all that!

The Pocket Power Lecture can be any length you want, and it's a lecture with something for everyone. Close-Up, Stand-Up and Stage magicians will all gain from the lecture, and both beginners and pro's will learn something new. It's a multi-layered lecture!

I have a dealer stand with unique quality items.

Let me fry brains at the close-up or stand-up gala with my new moves and routines. At the stage gala, I can perform the comedy packed Clepto Magic Show.

What more can you ask for? Workshops? OK, I do that too! With emphasis on Choreographic Misdirection, the workshop is geared at improving your magic.

Click here to see what kind of performances I can do at your convention!

Jarle Leirpoll


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