Convention Performances

Close-Up Show

Jarle can do a close-up show with his original routines, packed with humor, and with routines that fool both laymen and pro's. Staples of this routine are The Card in Mousetrap and his incredible No Gimmick Bill Switch. This act has almost zero reset time, and can be performed in any walk-around situation.

Stand-Up Show

This is Jarle's Magic Castle act, and features tricks like the Norwegian Travelers and the Toilet Paper to Egg. Always a crowd pleaser.

Stage Show - Clepto Magic Show

In this act, called the Clepto Magic Show, all the props are stolen or gotten for free! There's a security tag on the jacket, the magic wand is a "next customer" piece from a shop and the pen is a "souvenir" from the bank. When Jarle performs his Almost Ultimate Newspaper Trick, jaws tend to drop on the floor. It's a combination of absorbing news and torn and restored newspaper, and the newspaper is handed out to a spectator after the restoration.

If you're planning a convention, and have any questions about the shows, then please don't hesitate to contact Jarle by e-mail.

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