Pocket Power - The DVD

Turn your pockets into Lethal Weapons! 

This is the DVD you've been waiting for! A DVD that deals with your pockets, and how to use them for switching, ditching and stealing.

Now available as digital download only

This video is no longer available on disc. It has been replaced by a digital download - a video file that can be played on Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android devices.

Important knowledge

This might be the most important DVD for close-up and stand-up performers ever! Several original routines and lots of techniques and ideas are explained in detail. The techniques for palming and stealing have been received with enthusiasm by working professionals.

After viewing this DVD you will be an expert switcher, ditcher and stealer - and you will know a little about Choreographic Misdirection.

No Gimmick Bill Switch.

View No Gimmick Bill Switch

Toilet Paper to Egg.


View Toilet Paper to Egg

The Pocket Power Video was released in April 1997. Within the first 24 hours of it's life, more than 300 copies were sold! Watching the Pocket Power techniques on tape makes them a lot easier to learn. Now you can see the right timing and you'll also bee convinced that all the techniques actually work! (After reading the book, some people thought that a few of the techniques just couldn't be done - now they know better). This DVD has all the contents of the video, with the  added benefit of the quick access you get on a DVD.



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Pocket Power - The Video

Price: NOK 170.00

51 minutes
mp4, 640x480 px
331 MB

No Gimmick Bill Switch
Toilet Paper to Egg
Stealing Techniques
Norwegian Travelers
Coke From Shoe
Card in Shoe
The Almost Ultimate
Newspaper Tear
Tips and Techniques


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