Video Making

Besides being a magician, I also work as a freelance camera man and editor for TV and Video production companies. All my education in the TV and Video business is from NRK - the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. NRK is also where I worked for 12 years before I quit the job to become a magician and a freelance TV man!


Video in Practice

This is a little booklet I wrote when I started teaching video classes. It's about "collecting and putting together images in a way that makes sense". A book for people who want to become better at telling stories with moving pictures. It's written and illustrated by myself, and right now it's only available in Norwegian. When the nights get long and dark around here, I will start translating it into English.

Click here if you want to read more about this booklet.


This is what I like the best. To dig deeply into an area of life, and tell people about it through the TV screen. This kind of TV production is a real patchwork, and takes a lot of time. That's the reason why I don't get to do this as often as I would like to. But, when I do, I love it! I've been a camera man on some documentaries, but I've edited even more. One of the nature documentaries I both edited and did sound design on, Nordic Vultures, won a price for best sound at a nature film festival in France. Nice! When I grow up, I think I'll make documentaries all the time!

Sports and news

This is what I mostly work with. Making 1-3 minute bits for news and sports programs. Everything from pig's diseases to football finals and bear attacks. Not as much fun as documentaries, but you get to know a little about everything in life, and you meet a lot of interesting people.

Information Films

I've also made a few information films. My favorite one explains how to make a good roofing out of wooden tiles! Sounds boring, but with the charming personalities of the old men that were "actors", this film is great! I've also made films for the Norwegian Army, the Norwegian Road Authorities and an Energy company, to name a few.

Magic Videos

Being a magician and a TV man, I couldn't write a book without making a video with the same stuff. That's why the Pocket Power Video saw the light of day. I hired a camera man and did the rest of the work myself. Now, it is a lecture tape, and it's not the funniest video you've seen, but it serves the purpose perfectly - to teach my magic tricks and philosophy to others.

Of course, other magicians have also asked me to produce their magic videos. Take a look at the credits on Joachim Solberg's rope video, and Thomas Krantz' coin and card video. They were both made the same weekend in Elverum where I live, and we finished editing at 8 o'clock on a Monday morning. We had been staying up most of the weekend working on the videos, and were almost like zombies when we were through.

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