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In the magic world, Jarle Leirpoll is known as one of Norway's leading close-up and stand-up magicians. He is the author of the book Pocket Power, and has made the video with the same name. He is also the inventor of the Card in Mousetrap trick. 

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Both the Pocket Power book and the video received rave reviews in magic magazines all over the world. Jarle has toured more than 15 countries doing his Pocket Power Lectures. He has performed at magic conventions all over the world, including Hank Lee's Cape Cod Magic Conclave, the Blackpool Convention, Ron MacMillan's International Magic Convention, the Magic Hands Convention and many, many more.

Jarle has also lectured and performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

Outside the magic world, Jarle is busy performing at company events and seminars, doing close-up and stand-up magic, and his special kind of magic - Wake-Up Magic. If you want to see him perform, take a look at the video samples from the Pocket Power video.

Jarle Leirpoll still works in the TV and video business, although he quit his steady job in the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation in 1996 to become a professional magician. His background in TV has taught him a lot about entertainment, drama and killing dead time in performances. That's why his shows are never boring, always solid entertainment from start to finish.

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Update: Starting in 2006, Jarle took a break from performing magic, and he's not currently an active performer.


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